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The header lines for name, annotation, user-notes, mode, and
commentary produce markup for the output page.

name: page title
commentary: right-justified text above first line
user-notes: left-justified text above first line
annotation: small text above initial capital
mode: the mode, indicated as a digit; it will be displayed as a Roman numeral
(note: only one of mode and annotation may be used at a time in this system.)

Note: the undertie character (‿) is available for use and should work with most fonts.

Some older fonts do not support the accented æ digraph.

In addition, a new option for lyric centering has been added, to align the first note of the neume to the vowel (common practice for Latin chant), the whole syllable (common practice for chant in English), or the first letter of the syllable.

Scaling factor for music:
Lyric font size:
Initial size:
Space above lines:
Red staff lines?
Staff line thickness:
Paper size:
Crop margins:
Alternate punctum cavum:
Initial style:
(Note: if using style 2 for a large initial, you must add at least two manual line-breaks to your GABC with the code 'z'.)
Automatic custos:
Lyric centering:

provided by: richardchonak at gmail dot com


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